Villa Candy

Booking family holidays on the seaside is like a perfect summer dream. The dream only survived the moments of the on-line reservation. It fell apart immediately upon arrival to the actual place.

“Villa Candy” (2005) is a one-day documentary work about the state of affairs in a the place of collective resort built on the Lithuania in Soviet times. Places, that used to embrace summer holidays of Soviet Lithuanian “intelligentsia” and that have reached our days preserve absurd architectural solutions, paradoxical coexistence of upper class taste, lack of comfort necessities, signs of collective leisure etc. The “Candy villa” series is about a summer house in Šventoji, Lithuanian seaside, which at times was constructed by and belonged to a candy factory. At the time of photographer’s arrival, this place was one among hundreds doomed to preserve the patina of the 1980s. Asked about renovation plans, the owner’s representative replied simply: why bother, people will come anyway…

The series was exhibited in “Zona”, project of young photographers and writers in Krakow (2005) and Menotrentuno festival in Sardinia, Italy on the theme “Tourism Revolution” (2006).