This work is a part of a 4-men project about twin cities Kaunas (Lithuania) and Grenoble (France). In 2011, French photographers from Grenoble Thierry Chenu and Thomas Guilmin visited and pictured Kaunas, while two Lithuanian photographers from Kaunas, Gintaras Česonis and Mindaugas Kavaliauskas went on a week-long field task to Grenoble.

Mindaugas Kavaliauskas was exploring Grenoble as a living subject.  He was looking at its multi-layered cityscape, searching for the dialogue between the city and the street art, visited people at their working places, such as social centre Le Plateau, museum, music school, firemen’s office, training of the rugby team, tram depot, city hall or first year student’s celebration. All these visits were on purpose to see the life of the city from the inside.

Some pictures, taken in the street photography style have been “embellished” with white stripes on the faces of people. The stripes make an ironic point on the anonymity of contemporary photography created in public in France and also raise “suspicion” that these people would not be happy to appear in the pictures of a passing-by photographer.

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